The renovation project was organized in three different phases:
1. Renovation of one of the outbuildings called "L'Imprimerie: because the previous owner, Leo Ferre, was using it to print his music and books.
The reason why this building was selected to be renovated first was because, even after 35 years of abandon, its roof and walls were in fairly decent condition, it was close to city water and electrical power was available nearby. This would be the accomodation of the renovation team.

2. Renovation of the castle itself, starting at one end and finishing at the other end

3. Renovation of the other outbuildings and construction of the pool house.

The work started at the end of June 2001, approximately six months before the actual closing.

Temporary quarters were secured for the renovation team by renting a house nearby.

The first task consisted in removing the cages installed by the previous owner for his chimpanzees. There were cages outside the building and cages inside the building These cages were everywhere, and totally covered by weeds thorns and growth of all kinds to a point where the building could not even be seen from the road nearby and most people did not even know that there was a house there.

Some three weeks later, the cages had been cut out and were sold for scrap. The land around the house was buldozed to remove the weed, thorns and other bushes. Temporary electrical power was installed and the work began.

First, the attic was completely insulated using modern reflective insulation, two windows were opened and two bedroom and one bathrooms were created. The roof structure was  quite elegant and was kept visible after it was treated against termites and other wood eating pests.

At the lower level, a separate accomodation comprising a living room, one bedroom and one bathroom was created so as to make a separate accomodation with its own separate entrance if needed.
At the intermediate level, a bedroom and full bathroom were built in the room previously used to print books and music. The living room was cleaned up and a small kitchen built.New windows were opened. A complete central heating system was installed.

At the end of September 2001, at my insistence, some of the workers started working on the renovation of the castle itself, although the work on the "imprimerie" was not complete.

In fact, the workers were able to move in only in February 2002 and the work was totally complete in May 2002.

The house now features two separate dwellings. The first one is a two room apartment with one bathroom at the lower level. The second one has three bedrooms and two bathrooms at the intermediate and upper levels.

The plumbing, electrical system and central heating  were totally redone