Another unpleasant surprise was waiting for us.

The next section of the roof had  been renovated approximately 60 years earlier using sawn pine wood and  we were proposing to keep it "as is" albeit with some repairs and minor replacement. Unfortunately, we soon discovered that this was simply wishful thinking.

The roof structure was of poor quality, improperly installed, with stringers that precluded any use of the attic and, in addition, had been seriously damaged by rain water. So, there was no alternative: it had to come off.

To do that, the crane was moved to a more favorable location and off came the roof

The new structure was built and installed as rapidly as  possible because of prevailing poor weather.

The next section was then removed and rebuilt to protect the structure from the rain, keeping for later the installation of the attic windows.

The crane has been moved to a suitable location
The future game room. The roof structure is assembled with mortise and wood pins
As seen on the photos here, a large section of the roof of the north flank is now in place.
Installing attic windows