A master plumber, Carlos, contributed his vast experience in radiant floor heating, main ring hot water distribution for large hospitality buildings, drainage and septic systems, general welding, central heating, irrigation, and pressurization systems. Carlos speaks Portugese, Spanish and very good English. He is in the process of learning French.
Time off in Gourdon
Installing radiant floor in main tower
Not much would have been achieved without the unwavering support and commitment of Jean-Pierre

From the onset, Jean-Pierre took a personnal interest in the project, going to extreme lengths to locate suitable material suh as ancient stones or roof tiles. From planting the vineyard to fixing our ageing crane, there is nothing where Jean-Pierre did not prove competent and very effective.

More important, by being a constant example of hard work, thoroughness and efficiency, Jean-Pierre was able to win the loyalty and support of all the workers that he supervised.

I am forever endebted to Jean-Pierre for his irreplaceable contribution to the renovation  of Pechrigal

And what is more, Jean-Pierre has become, over the years a very dear friend for me. And I would be honored if I could be his.
It would not be fair not to mention a man who always helped with competent advices and handling administrative formalities: our architect Jean-Marie LARDET.
With the constant warfare staged by the city of Saint Clair against every aspect of our renovation effort, it was necessary to have with us someone of experience and reputation like Jean-Marie. With over 20 years of experience mainly in the renovation of ancient constructions, Jean-Marie brought with him
Sure, Jean-Marie did not make a fortune helping us: my limited financial resources obliged me to do most of the design work myself and to get Jean-Marie to check our work for obvious errors
And, like Jean-Pierre, Jean-Marie Lardet has become, over the years, a trusted friend and his friendship and support have been irreplaceable assets in our project.
In Indonesia, waiting for our taxi to be repaired.
An absolute artist in carpentry, Antonio was the pivot of all the roof work. An expert at the joining of massive beams and trusses, Antonio took a special interest in the project and made a point of doing his carpentry work the way carpenters were working six hundred years ago.
No nails, screws or bolts. no sawed lumber. Everything was assembled with wood pins and finished by hand, much like it would have been done in the XVth century
After Antonio left Pechrigal to work closer to home, the only thing we had to do was to copy his work. His successor, Sergio, did it, and so did Jean-Pierre after that.
At Pechrigal since the beginning of the renovation project in 2001, Francesco has proven the most dependable craftsman of all.
From building stone walls of drywalls, from carving sandstone or setting up  limestone  stairs, from applying ancient stucco to joining stone walls, Francesco's work is just everywhere
But, Francesco and Adriano;s contribution has gone far beyond masonry. Always ready to help in every possible way, Francesco and Adriano also helped plant the vineyard, set up a vegetable garden, load and assemble furniture, trim trees,  and the list could go on and on.
Franceso and Adriano are still  at Pechrigal in 2005. And I hope they will continue helping the project for many years to come.
Here is Joachim, in the hospital of Gourdon following an appendicitis problem in 2003, with his wife , Jean-Pierre, Carlos and yours truly.